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You are welcome at tourist wellness Thai spa where you will find time to take a break from your busy life schedule in the center of Visakhapatnam. Located within the city is a good for relaxation, health and indulgence!

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Spa SERVICES in visakhapatnam          


Massage Therapies

We have experienced and proficient therapists who apply different massages ranging from standard Ayurvedic treatments to other modern methods. Our massage services are intended for those who would like to relax, unwind, or undergo the most effective procedure of targeted muscle restoring.

Wellness Packages

Check out our customized well-being bundles meant for full enjoyment and satisfaction. Ranging from half-day retreats to full-day spa extravaganzas, each package provides the appropriate balance of treatments for an ultimate relaxation experience.

Beauty and Skincare

We do not just stop at massages; we also provide beauty and skincare services. Our trained aesthetic experts have got everything it takes for you in getting a fresher look ranging from rejuvenating facials to professional waxing towards enhancing your innate beauty.

           The Tourists Thai Spa Experience


Tranquil Ambiance

Welcome to our spa, it will take you into a peaceful environment. Stress dissipate with a calm ambiance, soothing music and aromatic scent take center stage.

Skilled Practitioners

At the center of our dedicated certified and highly skilled therapist we avail a unique and ultimate spa experience. They do this with an eye towards ensuring that every treatment is administered carefully and with you and your well being in mind.

Customized Approach

We appreciate that every person is different and has different health requirements; no two persons are the same. We adopt a personalized, client-oriented attitude towards each home health care appointment in order to ensure that we cater for your unique needs and tastes.

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Contact Us: 08121133119 Location: VMRDA Commercial Complex2, 4th Floor, Shop No-5, Opposite: I, Magic, Care Hospital, VMRDA Commercial Complex Road, Ram Nagar, Visakhapatnam.

Find genuine pleasure at Tourist Wellness Thai Spa, the junction of wellness and indulgence right in the city of Visakhapatnam.